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reflections of a christian ‘hipster’ #1: an introduction

Before I even start to say anything, I’d like to begin with one of the most insightful tweets I’ve ever come across: 

"…you can’t label everything "hipster" and expect it to mean something. Stop being lazy."

It says everything that needs to be said, in a way that’s clearer, shorter, more witty and more persuasive than anything I could come up with. 

…I might as well end my post here…

..but I won’t. 

Because I like spieling, and I’m guessing that to some extent, you enjoy reading what I write. 

So sometime back in 2012, I wrote a letter to a friend about the need to pursue Christ over the pursuit of hipstery. It probably wasn’t the most well-written letter, because I never got a response. Nevertheless, it was around this time, that the seeds of what you’ll see in this post (and the ones still to come) was first sown.

(Yes, to my more literally-inclined friends, that was a metaphor. #ArtsStudent)

I don’t remember exactly what I wrote in it, maybe that friend can enlighten me again (haha). But in God’s grace, I’d like to believe I’ve matured a little since then; and my understanding of following Christ, as well as my grasp of the cultural nuances behind hipstery have grown to become a little more refined. 

On a personal note, I am foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ; a child of God, a chief of sinners who has been redeemed and saved, is being sanctified, and will be brought to complete Christlikeness in the Resurrection

…and on the side, I am a ‘pseudo-hipster’ at best. 

In simpler words, that means: 

"I’m not a hipster, at most, I only pretend to be one.” 


"I am most definitely a disciple of Jesus, and in God’s grace, I am and will not ever pretend to be one.” 

With that reality firmly in mind, I’d like to make the following conjecture:

Hipstery is a dead end. 

I didn’t make that statement to be hyper-ironic, if I did, I’d be affirming your unproven claims to my ‘hipstery’. Stop with your mockery! 

(particularly you. yes you, you snarky engineers >< that was a joke.)  

It’s an honest statement of my belief system. 

Please kindly bear with me, leave your assumptions behind and jump aboard my train of thought, as I look to deconstruct ‘hipstery’ and show you why this introductory conjecture is true, in this series of posts. (Yes. I felt that I had so much to say on this topic, I have a whole series of posts planned…) 

Really glad that you’re so keen to come aboard this crazy ride. 

So strap on your cardigans, do up your top button, fix up your thick-rimmed glasses, belt up your skinny chinos and hold tight onto your ironic beards because

next stop, 

I look to desconstruct the concept and illusion of:

'originality' and where the whole movement is headed 

'til then

leaving you on a cliffhanger